At Olus, we develop and produce health-supporting feed additives for poultry, swine and ruminants. Our innovative and science-based solutions support the health, well-being, and performance of farm animals.

By using science and collaborating with our partners and customers around the globe, we contribute to a sustainable livestock industry that respects the animals, the people, and our planet.


Every Olus product is produced on site. Combined with our permanent stock, we can guarantee fast delivery times. Products ordered today can be ready within 3-5 working days.

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Nature for health – our baseline says it all. We believe that the power of nature can improve animal health. That’s why we are committed to supporting animal health, well-being, and performance with products that are derived from nature. Olus produces different products based on mixtures of plant extracts, herbal ingredients, and essential oils – singularly or combined with organic acids or glycerides of organic acids. By using all-natural ingredients, we add value for integrators, feed mills, and farmers in a sustainable way.


At Olus, we also produce a lysolecithin-based emulsifier as a supplement for animal feed.
The beneficial effects of supplementing feeding regimes with lysolecithin are well known, as they significantly improve the digestibility, absorption and utilisation of fat in the diet.

Different factors can reduce the animal’s ability to properly digest dietary fat, such as the animal’s age, a low US ratio, exposure to stress, and various intestinal disorders like subclinical coccidiosis. Our innovative lysolecithin solutions help overcome these challenges by regulating dietary fat and amino acid concentrations in successive production phases, thereby advancing overall production performance. This is especially true in concentrated diets, where the favorable effects of lysolecithins will be more pronounced.

The addition of lysolecithins to animal feeds improves growth and feed efficiency and allows reducing dietary energy intake without compromising production performance, ultimately leading to cost savings.


We are dedicated to developing and producing future-proof solutions for the global feed industry that will put the era of antibiotic use behind us. That’s why we focus on microbial control, gut integrity, and enzyme activity that support animal digestion and feed intake. By promoting gut health and digestion, the animals will have an improved growth performance with less need for antibiotics.


Olus offers science-based feed products for profitable and sustainable livestock farming. Our feed additives are based on phytogenics, glycerides of acids and lysolecithins. These products offer synergistic effects for maximum functionality of the animal’s digestive tract. The interaction between the various microbiota and the intestinal wall promotes the health, well-being and ultimately the performance of livestock. We formulate feed and drinking water applications for poultry, swine, and ruminants.

We aim to provide our customers with first-class additives. By controlling every step of our production process, we can produce high-quality and safe products whose raw materials are easily traceable. We constantly strive to improve our internal quality standards. Olus is proud to be GMP+ certified: using cutting-edge science, we can guarantee the quality and food safety of our products.


As a student, I founded the company in my father and mother’s basement. After we developed a unique animal nutrition solution for coccidiosis, we successfully marketed the product to veterinarians. A few years later, in January 2014, I established Olus as a professional company, complete with its own production facility in Hasselt, the Netherlands.

Today, Olus has expanded into an international company with sales in over 30 countries worldwide, and registration pending in more than six countries. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best partner for feed mills, integrators, veterinarians, and farmers.

“Adding a little wins a lot!” is our philosophy. To achieve this goal, we deliver high-quality products that our customers can rely on. This means maintaining a standardized factory where we check and control all incoming and outgoing products to ensure consistent quality.

The fundamental why of Elan® products? To provide a reliable and profitable investment for our customers, we follow the precautionary principle and require that at least 60% of trials yield an ROI of at least 1:3. This ensures that Elan® products provide a reliable investment with a guaranteed return. While animal welfare and sustainability are prioritised, profitability remains a core pillar of all our Elan® products.

We welcome you to visit our facilities and do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our products and services.