17/05/2023 Pigs

Elan®Control is an innovative feed additive for effective pathogen control in sows and swine. It promotes faster and more efficient growth, resulting in a significantly higher final weight. This is achieved through a carefully selected combination of glycerides that effectively control pathogens in the gut.

In many countries, antibiotic growth promoters have been restricted, leading feed suppliers to resort to organic acids as a replacement. These acids are known for their positive effects on gut health and growth. However, researchers believe that even better results can be achieved with a new, innovative form of organic acids. This led to the development of Elan®Control by Olus, which consists of carefully selected glycerides of conventional organic acids such as propionic, butyric, caprylic and capric acids.

Glycerides: An innovative solution
While the free form of organic acids only works in the acidic environment of the stomach, research has shown that glycerides of these organic acids also have an effect in the lower parts of the intestinal tract. These glycerides have a much stronger antibacterial effect, making them more effective in fighting pathogens.

Combating pathogens
Pigs face bacterial challenges from Gram-positive bacteria such as Clostridium perfringens, Streptococcus suis, and Enterococcus. They also face bacterial challenges from Gram-negative bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella. A diverse approach is needed to inhibit and possibly kill their growth. Gram-positive bacteria typically have a simpler membrane structure, making them easier to target with Elan®Control.

Medium-chain Glycerides
Gram-positive bacteria have a simple membrane structure. The amphiphilic nature of bacterial membranes and glycerides of organic acids allows for easy interaction, so glycerides can easily disrupt the bacterial membrane structure. Glycerides of medium-chain fatty acids are particularly effective against Gram-positive bacteria. They settle in the bacterial membrane, changing its structure and making it more vulnerable. 

Short-chain Glycerides
Gram-negative bacteria, including E. Coli and Salmonella, have complex inner and outer membrane structures, making it challenging to disrupt their cell membranes. However, glycerides can penetrate the bacteria and alter the DNA structure from within, preventing the production of invading proteins that can infect the host. Glycerides with short-chain fatty acids are particularly effective against Gram-negative bacteria.

Elan®Control is an innovative formula that balances the gut microbiota and promotes overall gut health, leading to improved animal performance. It is a safe and promising alternative to antibiotics in animal feed, ensuring optimal animal health and welfare. 

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